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Nov 21, 2022

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You are invited to enter into Diamond Grace. Like entering through a temple door, a sacred space.

 It is also like entering into a session that you might have with a practitioner where you are entering with an open heart, knowing that you are always guiding the process.

You are choosing what to take from this journey.

- Terri Gervais, today’s guest and author of Return to Radiance: The Restorative Superpowers of Diamond Grace


On the fourth episode of our miniseries featuring authors from GracePoint Publishing’s Scribes of Light Press, Danielle Rama Hoffman and Terri Gervais take us on a spectacular journey. Danielle begins our interview today by inviting you to show up with us as if you are entering into a temple and are taking your seat on a council. This podcast is a call, and you are here with us. This podcast is for you.

Tune in today to hear more about how Terri began her journey of scribing, started the process of writing with Danielle, and the birthing of Terri’s book. And, of course, to hear all of the juicy Source-based topics that happen during these interviews!

Terri’s new book, Return to Radiance: The Restorative Superpowers of Diamond Grace, is now available in paperback and eBook form!

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