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Jun 10, 2022

“I want to encourage people fearlessly to step out of their house and explore that enormous space. It's freaking awesome.

 A little scary sometimes, but it's freaking awesome.”

     - John Latta, bestselling author of The Synchronicity of Love: Stories that Heal, Transform, and Awaken


Come along on a journey with Michelle and John as they discuss synchronicity and how listeners can be more aware of the signs in their life that are calling out to them. They also delve into dream journaling, intuition, and empowerment to live an authentic life during this impactful interview. Don’t miss this one!


About The Synchronicity of Love: Having come face to face with his own personal “rock bottom”, John Latta discovered that his usual efforts of hard work, arguments and logic were getting him nowhere in overcoming the obstacles of becoming a single dad, facing bankruptcy, and his oppressive fear of death. Desperate for a lifeline, he opened his heart and decided to embrace a new way forward with fearless courage. He explores the lessons he learned and retells of experiences and awakenings in his own life that led him to heal and transform himself into who he is today.

About the author: John David Latta, author of “The Synchronicity of Love”, is a mystic, teacher, and successful founder and CEO of a multimillion-dollar consumer products company. John is currently retired and enjoys working on his writing as he plans to continue his authorial journey and connect further with his audiences. He lives with his wife, Wendy, in Redmond, Washington. John enjoys being in nature and meditating and never can resist a good road trip across the country.

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